Doing it Dixie style...          

We are dedicated at  Dixiecruzers  to selling quality cars and parts.

Our name is new in the Market place,but with our forty years in the auto industry it has given us an inside look into understanding what the Pro and Amateur builders would like and want ,fair prices and a good selection and fast service.

Hard to Find parts locator service because your time is valuable.

After July 19 2010 Dixiecruzers will have a complete line of after market parts for your ride with 100's of parts

from  Aerodynamic Kits to  Wheel Balancing plus a 25k sq. foot restoration shop with award winning work.

You name it and we can do it,start the New Year with a BETTER ride!

We now offer a line of 18 ga. body panels for you ride.We have a  list of all popular body styles.

Early Spring 2011 we will able to power coat from the smallest part to Automobile Frames with a wide choice of colors at very affordable prices


Email: rt@dixiecruzers.com


Email: checkeredflag@luckymail.com
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